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On the Outer Ring Road, Bangalore.

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A Location that ‘Just Works’

Sensible commutes to key workspaces in Bangalore For instance, Manyata Tech Park is just a 4.6 km drive away. RMZ Infinity is a 4 km drive. Bagmane Tech Park: only 4.5 km. Kirloskar Tech Park: just 9.4 km and RMZ Ecospace is a 14 km drive on the Outer Ring Road. Wait... why drive when you can just as easily cycle.

Dedicated private Home office
WFH-ing today? This dedicated room is large enough to have 3 or 4 of your team mates over.

Easy access to the Airport

9 km to MG Road ...if you even need to go there.

Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, Shopping... not more than 3km away Again, why head towards MG Road or Indiranagar, when every major restaurant, pub, electronic megastore, apparel brand, supermarket and fast food joint is now in Kammanahalli.

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‘Just Works’ when you're Partying, Entertaining or even Dining in

650 sft of personal party space in your apartment The foyer, living, dining, and balcony work as one large uninterrupted space. So, If you'd like 40 friends over for a party, they won't be packed in like a can of sardines.

Ginormous Sheltered Balconies Imagine being seated at a table for 6, it's drizzling outside, you're on your balcony with your family, enjoying a delicious breakfast. That's exactly what's possible on a 250 sft sheltered balcony.

Your Own Vertical garden It grows on the side of your balcony. It looks stunning; it frees up space on your balcony and brings you all the joys of gardening, on a different dimension.

A 5000 sft Sky Lounge There's no point living in a 17 storey structure if everyone can't enjoy the views from the rooftop. So we designed an exclusive sky lounge on the 16th and 17th floor, it has its own amphitheater, a bar, a barbecue area for your parties, a huge party deck that's partly open to the sky for your guests to spill over into... it can hold upto 200 people.

Step 3

Designed to ‘Just Work’

Privacy Comfort Thermodynamics
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Designed for Privacy
We didn't just take a traditional approach and stack a bunch of apartments one on top of the other... we reoriented the apartment units, rotating them 45° to align with the geographic north-south compass heading. This changed everything.

Minimised common walls between apartments The reoriented apartments are further offset from each other to dramatically reduce the length of the common wall between adjoining apartments.

Just 2 apartments per floor Barring Block A, which has 3 apartments per floor, both Block B and C have only 2 apartments per floor. To top that, there are 2 lifts per block.

Truly open on 3 sides If not more than 3 sides in some cases, thanks to the 45° orientation and the offset.

Designed for Comfort
We intentionally strayed away from cramming as many apartments into this project as we legally could. That is conventionally how the design process starts, with a focus on maximising saleable area. Instead, we went about designing Another Sky with a focus on the end-user's comfort.

8ft Tall Doors Most apartments have doors that are around 7 feet high. The average Indian is 5 feet, 5 inches, but even for a 6 footer, an 8 foot door is very imposing and airy to walk through. To give you an idea of scale, most of us would have to jump to touch the top of it and some of us may not even reach :)

10ft Floor to Floor Height That’s about 4 inches more than the industry standard. Most apartments have a floor to floor height of 9 feet 8 inches.

Public - Private Zoning within the apartment The apartment has been planned with two distinct zones that run alongside each other, the Private and the Public Zone. So even if there are guests in the living room or the dining area, you can use your bedroom and toilet without the fear of any awkward moments.

Maid's quarters. We all know the value of good help at home. Which is why we’ve designed a dedicated bedroom for your maid, with a toilet attached to give them privacy when they need it.

Superior Heat & Sound insulation The Porotherm bricks we've used have positive acoustic properties. They can block out more sound than regular concrete blocks and bricks. They also exhibit superior heat insulation properties, this keeps the apartment cool.

Only 117 Apartments across 3 towers The ratio of the number of apartments to the size of the property is extremely ideal for residents. By designing large, expansive apartments and providing additional ceiling height, we have effectively ended up reducing the number of apartments that can be built as per the law. This is a direct benefit to a resident. Lesser people using more space

70% Open Space The high rise structure occupies just 30% of the land, freeing up 70% of space across the property.

Designed for better Thermodynamics
Again, that non traditional approach of reorienting the apartments; rotating them 45° to align with the geographic north-south compass heading and some clever play with relief on the surface of the building along with the right choice of materials work together in keeping your home cool and reducing your Air Conditioning bill.

Oriented along the natural wind direction Thanks to the true orientation along the North-South Axis, the apartments line up perfectly with the natural wind direction in Bangalore which is generally from the South / South West towards North/North East. We’ve planned the windows and balconies to make use of this draft and cross ventilate the apartment, allowing winds to permeate through the apartment.

The 45 degree tilt has taken into account the natural S/SW to N/NW direction of wind in Bangalore city. This allows optimum ventilation & wind flow throughout the house

Self-Shadowed Building Structure reduces heat absorption. The 45º orientation of the apartments yields an unconventional structure with several extruded surfaces that cast shadows on the building across the day. This self-shadowing dramatically reduces the heat absorption of the structure during sunlit hours. Staggering the balconies between floors increases this effect even further.

Every 3rd floor has an extended balcony that casts shadows back on the lower floors

Gardens on the Terrace. Heat absorption is reduced further by terrace level gardens on the penthouses and the green cover in the double height sky lounge.

Heat Insulating Porotherm Bricks

Step 4

Safety & your Kid's needs have been taken care of

Schools in the Vicinity As far as play schools go, Euro-Kids is half a kilometer away, that's about a 6 minute walk away. KLAY Prep School is 3 kms away, that's about a 10 minute drive and Little Elly is just 750 mts away, that's about a 10 minute walk. For the older kids, VIBGYOR High is 1.8 kms away. Maxwell High: 3.2 kms. Bangalore International School: 5.7 kms and Royal Concorde International School is just 2.7 km drive from here.

Fun and Games There's a ton of indoor games, a library, a dedicated play area for the smaller ones and of course a swimming pool.

CCTV Cameras

Video doorbell There are those rare occasions when we need to leave the kids home alone. A Video Doorbell will ensure that they needn't open the door to verify who's knocking.

Fire Suppression Sprinkler System in every room All of us have a childhood story that involved us playing with matches. So whether a little one sets off a match out of pure mischief, or even if an electrical mishap starts a fire, there are sprinklers in every room of the house. These sprinklers start up when a local fire is detected. So if a fire erupts in the kitchen, a sprinkler in the kitchen will ideally suppress the fire before it spreads to other rooms. This localised form of fire suppression, prevents large scale incidents from occurring.

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3BHK 2261 - 2532 sft
  • Wet Kitchen
  • Maid's Room
  • Vertical Garden
  • Home Office
  • Entrance Foyer
  • Garden (G-Floor)
  • Family Area
  • Powder Room
3BHK+ 2553 - 3008 sft
  • Wet Kitchen
  • Maid's Room
  • Vertical Garden
  • Home Office
  • Entrance Foyer
  • Garden (G-Floor)
  • Family Area
  • Powder Room
4BHK 3178 - 3354 sft
  • Wet Kitchen
  • Maid's Room
  • Vertical Garden
  • Home Office
  • Entrance Foyer
  • Garden (G-Floor)
  • Family Area
  • Powder Room
  Wet Kitchen Maid's Room Vertical Garden Home Office Entrance Foyer Garden * Family Area Powder Room   3BHK           Pick 3BHK+     Pick 4BHK   Pick

* Gardens only on the Ground Floor
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Fitness & Health Facilities that 'Just Work'

A 10,000 sft Clubhouse It's not just eye candy by the way, the clubhouse is spread over 3 floors measuring around 10000 sft in area. It possesses a curated set of daily activities to keep you fit and looking good.


Squash Court

Two Spas

Swimming Pool

Hospitals Nearby Columbia Asia is a 9 km drive away. Sri Sai Eye Hospital is 1.7 kms away. Specialist Hospital: 1.9 kms and Chris Super Specialty Hospital is 2.8 kms away.

Step 6

Environmentally Friendly

Fly Ash used in plastering Fly ash is a natural by-product of all blast furnaces. It has a positive effect on the strength of the building because of a chemical reaction with the cement used. The building gets stronger with age. It also increases the workability of the mortar mix which renders better finishes to the plastered surface.

Additional Anaerobic Process added to STP In addition to the conventional Aerobic Process, the STP at Another Sky is also equipped with an Anaerobic Process that not only treats toilet and kitchen water, but also digests solid organic waste (vegetable peels,dried leaves etc.) which can be directly fed to the macerator. This not only eliminates the requirement of composting units but can produce useful bio-gas.

Dry fix used instead of Mortar The Use of Wienerberger DRY FIX instead of mortar for masonry ensures a high degree of quality control and a higher bonding strength. Besides delivering a higher quality, it completely eliminates the use of copious amounts of precious fresh water for mortar mixing and curing. Oh, btw...using DRY FIX also ensures NO air pollution.

M-Sand instead of river sand M-Sand is the perfect substitute to river sand and is manufactured by crushing granite rocks.

Solar powered LED lighting for all common areas

Charge your Electric Car in the Basement

Step 7

Optimized for Custom Interiors & Low Maintenance Bills

Owner's manual - Each apartment comes with one It tells you where every electrical and water line runs, when you hammer a nail in, you don't hit a live wire. It gives you dimensions of every pane of glass, if something shatters, you know exactly what to order. It has a ton of detail on your home.

Spare Tiles Tiles are purchased in batches, a specific number of tiles per batch is kept aside. The owner's manual will indicate which batch of tiles were used for that specific apartment. If a spare is needed, you just need to contact Maintenance with the batch number to access spare tiles that will match your apartment.

One seamless slab without beams The Foyer, Living Room and Dining area have a single uninterrupted slab without any beams crossing over. This is very conducive to a false ceiling, opens up your options and doesn't restrict design.

Extra high ceilings The extra slab height that we have provided as compared to industry standards enables you to liberally include false ceilings in your interior plans. Rooms will not feel smaller and you can be as creative as you want with the use of cove lighting.

LED lighting The common areas are lit with LED fixtures, the reduction in power consumption enables the use of Solar Power to run these lights, this reduces ongoing costs of electricity.

An STP that runs on 1/5th the power The Sewage Treatment Plant we're installing is a low power consumption unit. It basically runs on 1/5th of the electricity used to run a conventional STP.


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3 & 4 Bedroom Apartments ₹ 1.98cr to 2.8cr Choose Your Apartment

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